Saturday, November 29, 2008

This is an example of the child's step stool that I painted for Ethan. This also comes in a precious cowgirl pattern.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

This is a different type Tooth Fairy Box. This one could be for a boy also. It is wood and has a tiny metal clasp. There is a top acrylic window with a watercolor fairy underneath. It is also painted on the inside and the bottom is fabric lined. The box is 2.75" square and 2" tall. One of my grandsons is too young to have lost any teeth , so he keeps tiny treasures in the box I made for him like this. Again, I will be displaying more in the future and can customize the box.
Cost: $10
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Tooth fairy box. This is an example of a wooden tooth fairy box that I painted. This one is a flower shape with a little girl fairy holding a flower. She is painted on watercolor paper then decopaged on the box.
This box is about 2" tall and has a magnet closure. It is painted on the inside with a matching fabric lined bottom .
Cost: $10.00
I can also custom design a box for you. These are great trinket boxes also.
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Side view of Child's step stool.
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Child's Step Stool: Don came up with the design of this child's step stool. I had tried buying stools from craft stores and they were too light and tipped over much too easily. We wanted a design that a child or adult could step up on and feel safe. It's also great for sitting on. In fact, I have several of different designs that I keep under a coffee table for my grandchildren to sit on. We use these when they are here to eat, or to sit on while they play games, color, etc. I also keep one in a bathroom for them to step on to wash hands. I have painted one for each one of my 7 grandchildren and no 2 are alike. The one pictured here is ready to paint for my newest granddaughter, Natalie. I just haven't decided on the picture I want to paint on it. Many of you have seen the chest of drawers that I painted for her that is in her room. I love the little angle with the wild hair and bird's nest that I painted on it. Ethan got a cowboy, I think Tyler did also, Blake got a boy with lots of animals around him, Savannah and Kylie got little girls, sitting and reading. Chloe got a different little girl.
You can order a stool to be customized in the colors of the child's room or theme. I painted a cowboy for Matthew Holloway and a boy at the beach for Samuel. So you see, I can work with you. I have several patriotic and seasonal designs also.
Stool measures: 11.5''x12.5'' on top; 8.5" tall.
Cost for stool $40.00. Shipping would be extra. I have several made and ready to paint.
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Two more examples of the hand painted cups and teaspoons.
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These are a couple of handpainted cups and tea spoons that I have made. Each cup is different and comes with a teaspoon to match. These would be a nice gift with a bag of favorite tea or hot chocolate. The teaspoon has a clay flower on the handle. It has been baked and sealed. Both the cup and the spoon must be HANDWASHED! They are NOT dishwasher safe.
Cost of the cup and spoon is $10. Order would be filled 2 days from the order.
Payment is either by check or cash. Shipping would be extra.
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Side View of the foot rest.
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This is a small, wooden footrest that Don made and I painted. It would be perfect to use at your computer desk, craft table, or just to prop your feet up and take a much needed break with a cup of your favorite tea. One of my daughter/laws said it would be great to use when giving yourself a pedicure! The stool measures 13.5" across the top; length-11.5"; high end(where toes point) is 5.5" off the ground and the front, low end is 3.75" off the ground.
The flip flops are a dark sienna and toenails are a bright sienna/red. I have only 2 available at this time.
Cost: $50.00 each
Payment may be either cash or check. If it needs to be mailed, I will figure shipping costs and add that to the total. If interested you may contact me at this blog or phone #281-467-9434
If you would like one with customized colors, it will take about 1 week to make.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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This is my drawing of the Killion Cousins
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Welcome to my new site: Simple Joys. I plan to post the first items in a couple of days. This is taking me a little longer to set up than I thought it would. It takes me a long time to figure things out and to get them right on the computer.
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