Monday, November 24, 2008

Child's Step Stool: Don came up with the design of this child's step stool. I had tried buying stools from craft stores and they were too light and tipped over much too easily. We wanted a design that a child or adult could step up on and feel safe. It's also great for sitting on. In fact, I have several of different designs that I keep under a coffee table for my grandchildren to sit on. We use these when they are here to eat, or to sit on while they play games, color, etc. I also keep one in a bathroom for them to step on to wash hands. I have painted one for each one of my 7 grandchildren and no 2 are alike. The one pictured here is ready to paint for my newest granddaughter, Natalie. I just haven't decided on the picture I want to paint on it. Many of you have seen the chest of drawers that I painted for her that is in her room. I love the little angle with the wild hair and bird's nest that I painted on it. Ethan got a cowboy, I think Tyler did also, Blake got a boy with lots of animals around him, Savannah and Kylie got little girls, sitting and reading. Chloe got a different little girl.
You can order a stool to be customized in the colors of the child's room or theme. I painted a cowboy for Matthew Holloway and a boy at the beach for Samuel. So you see, I can work with you. I have several patriotic and seasonal designs also.
Stool measures: 11.5''x12.5'' on top; 8.5" tall.
Cost for stool $40.00. Shipping would be extra. I have several made and ready to paint.
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